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Vithu Developments LTD Home Builder, Home Remodeling Contractor and Kitchen Remodeling Contractor
Vithu Developments LTD Home Builder, Home Remodeling Contractor and Kitchen Remodeling Contractor
Vithu Developments LTD Home Builder, Home Remodeling Contractor and Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

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Vithu Developments LTD Modular Homes: Constantly Evolving

Worldwide, cities have a history of installing modular homes of many styles. While the streamlined process used to build these homes in factory may seem like a modern invention, modular homes have been around since the early 20th century.

As you can imagine, along with the baby boom was a boom in convenient housing. After World War II, there was a huge demand for affordable and easy to build homes and prefabricated construction provided just the answer.

Over the past 20 years, the modular home has evolved in leaps and bounds. From a small bungalow resembling a mobile home or trailer, modular homes can now be many stories tall and include almost as many features as a custom-built home.

When you purchase a modular home through Vithu Developments LTD, you are part of an ever-growing history.

About Vithu Developments LTD Remodeling

The Vision

Modular homes promote the vision that you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford a great home cherrypicked just for you. When you come visit our offices, you will be shown a selection of blueprints and house images. Once you pick your favorite, you can customize the interior to your heart’s content. Custom kitchens and bathrooms, closets whatever size you’d like—the sky is the limit.

However, since you are paying for convenience, be prepared that there are some features that a prebuilt home just can’t offer. Additions such as garages and porches cannot be built onto a modular home in factory, though you can add them once the home is on the property.

Every building company that produces these homes has different packages that they offer, and, at Vithu Developments LTD, we do our best to provide anything you could desire. If you don’t think we can accomplish what you request, just ask. You never know!

Modular homes are low-waste and low-hassle, especially in the case of inspections, which you will not have to be concerned about. Regular homes are subject to multiple inspections before the home is completed. The schedule to create a modular home is reliable, and you can always expect a polished product from us in the end.

The Tiny Home Factor

A Modular home does not have guaranteed resale value like a regular home does. But in this era of overpopulation and abundant possessions, tiny houses are becoming more and more trendy. If you spend five minutes in the pages of any home and garden magazine, or looking up videos on YouTube, you will see a vast community of tiny house aficionados who will tell you just how great they are.

Tiny homes are affordable, and green and go hand-in-hand with the movement of de-cluttering your life. Tiny homes offer one major thing: freedom.

These homes are generally stationed in rural areas but can be set up anywhere—and best of all, you can take them with you if you’d like on road trips. Moving has never been easier!

Get in contact with us today to talk modular or tiny houses. We’re sure you’ll be excited to be a part of the community!